5 Things You Need to Know About Flat Fee Home Selling

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay a flat fee to sell your home and not have to worry about shelling out thousands of dollars or trying to juggle the process yourself? You can do just that with BlueMatch. As a flat fee home selling option, it is one of the best opportunities you have to keep costs under control. Yet, many of today’s property owners wonder and worry about this process. Here’s what you need to know.


#1: It Costs Far Less Than You Think

You will pay a fee to sell your home using a commission-free service like BlueMatch, but you will save money compared to traditional realtor fees. In most cases, you will pay about three percent or more to sell your home using a real estate agent. That amounts to $10,000 or more for most homes. With flat fee home selling, you know upfront exactly what the cost will be.


#2: You Could Get Your Money Back

Did you know that some of the best opportunities for using a commission-free system like this actually may give you some of your funds back? With BlueMatch, any money you spend selling your home will be fully refunded when you buy your next home through BlueMatch. Add up those savings and you’ll be thrilled!


#3: It’s Not a Scam or Misleading

Quite frequently, people don’t know about this type of home selling. If they do, they believe it to be a scam, because how else would it be so simple? You receive all of the information at your fingertips and you make the decision of whether this is the right option. There’s no hidden process or high-pressure salespeople. While realtors often deride them, making them seem like a scam, flat fee home selling can actually save you money. The bigger scam may be paying incredible amounts of money for the same service.


#4: You’ll Have the Support You Need

No, the real estate agents that provide flat fee home selling don’t just give you information and leave. They can actually work with you and help you through the process. They want to see you do well, too. You won’t be let down in this process.


#5: You’ll Love the Control

One of the reasons so many people are tapping into flat fee home selling isn’t just the cost savings, but their ability to market, negotiate, and manage the process of selling their home on their own.

BlueMatch is fundamentally a simple service that provides a comprehensive level of support to help you to sell your home quickly and with fewer fees paid out. What’s not to love about how that works?

Contact us today and get your home on the market. We currently service the states of New York, Minnesota, Colorado, and New York.

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