5 Reasons to Work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver

5 Reasons to Work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver

Shopping for either a traditional agent or a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver can be challenging. Choosing to work with a Flat Fee Realtor can save you money in commission and make the process much easier. Flat Fee Realtors work similarly to traditional agents in that they carry the same licenses and provide real estate agent services. Selling your home For Sale by Owner? You should consider selling with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver instead.

Below are 5 reasons you should consider working with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver vs selling your home for sale by owner.

Agents Get More for Homes on Average vs FSBO

Based on a study published by the National Association of Realtors in 2018, agents average significantly more for homes vs FSBO. Combining the power of a Realtor without paying high commissions to traditional agents is a great combo. Remember that your goal should be to net the most for your home. Not just save on fees and commissions.

Flat Fee Realtors can Save You Tens of Thousands

If you were to hire a traditional Agent vs a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver, you would pay thousands more. In some cases, tens of thousands more. in Denver, the median home price is right around $425,000 and the average agent commission is 2.8%. On a 435K home, your commission to just list would be $11,900. With BlueMatch, it would cost you $895. Thats a savings of over $11,000!

Flat Fee Realtors in Denver are Licensed Agents

Real Estate lawsuits are much more common than most people think. When you sell your home for sale by owner, you are potentially exposing yourself to future litigation. When you work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver, you are working with a licensed company or individual. This means they must comply with state and federal laws. They must carry errors and omissions insurance. They must complete your transaction in a legal and compliant manner. By working with a Flat Fee Realtor, you are reducing you liability and risk when it comes to potentially harmful outcomes.

Agents Stop Calling to Harass You

If you have ever sold a home for sale by owner, than you know the first thing that happens when you list is agents start hammering your phone. FSBO’s are the number one target for agents to call to try and drum up new business. This can be very frustrating for the individual selling their home. When you list with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver, agents can no longer legally call you and solicit your listing. The calls change from pesky agents to people actually wanting to buy your home.

Less Work for You

Selling a home can be exhausting and time consuming. The average home that BlueMatch sells takes an average of 23 man hours. Please keep in mind that we are heavily automated and have a great process. This means that for the average consumer, this number is much larger. If you don’t have an extra 40-80 hours to dedicate to selling your home, selling with a Flat Fee Realtor in Denver is a great option. The opportunity cost for most of us is far to great when we factor in our time. How much is your time worth?

If you are looking to list and sell your home, BlueMatch is always a great resource so please feel free to contact us anytime for advice or with questions. Happy Selling!




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