Redfin vs BlueMatch – Comparing Price and Service

Redfin vs BlueMatch

If you are thinking of selling your home and debating Redfin vs BlueMatch, there is a good chance you are looking for a balance of quality and cost. Redfin is a great company that has been around for over a decade and a half. They were one of the pioneers of discount real estate and one of the first tech-enabled brokerages. Over the years however, a wave of new comers have entered the space including our company, BlueMatch.

On the surface, BlueMatch and Redfin may appear to be the same. In some areas we share similar attributes but we are very different in others. If you are drawn to wither Redfin or BlueMatch, chances are price is one of your main concerns.

Redfin vs BlueMatch – Pricing

Redfin and BlueMatch both have very straight forward pricing models. Depending on what state you are in, the cost of listing a home with Redfin can range between 1% and 2%. This is a small fee compared to the industry average of 3%. With Redfin, you can also get a rebate when you purchase a new home through them or an affiliate agent of theirs.

With BlueMatch, you are charged a micro fee of $895 to sell your home with just a transaction coordinator or $2390 to sell your home with a dedicated agent. This fee is the same across all markets that BlueMatch services. With BlueMatch, you can also get a rebate when using a BlueMatch agent or affiliate agent to purchase your next home. So lets break down the numbers.

Lets assume you are selling a home where Redfin charges 1%. If you are selling a home for $450,000, the fee to list and sell is $4,500. With BlueMatch, this fee would be $895 or $2390 depending on the package you choose. If your home is under $239,000, then Redfin would be a more cost effective options vs our full service package. If your home is over $239,000 then BlueMatch would become the better option in regards to price. The more expensive your home, the more you would save.

Redfin vs BlueMatch – Experience

This is where some of the major differences lie between Redfin and BlueMatch. Redfin is a tech enabled brokerage that functions very similar to traditional real estate agents. You will physically meet your Redfin agent. Your Redfin agent will come out to your home, setup your sign and lockbox, arrange photos for you, etc. The closing experience is also very different with Redfin. When you close on the sale of your home, you will more than likely close at a title office or at Redfin’s office. Your agent will more than likely be present during this process.

With BlueMatch, you will work with a virtual agent that is a salaried employee of BlueMatch. Our agents work in a 100% virtual/online environment and manage the process remotely. Our internal mantra is we function like an agent, we just don’t meet you at Starbucks wearing a suit. With BlueMatch, we arrange photos, ship your sign and lockbox, and comp your home using robust data sets. Our closing experience is also very different. At BlueMatch, most of our closings are done remote. This means you can close on your house from the comforts of your home or office.

A good analogy between the Redfin and BlueMatch experience would be like shopping at a physical grocery store or shopping online. Some people like to physically see and touch the items they are about to purchase. Some enjoy the convenience of having their groceries delivered right to them.

Redfin vs BlueMatch – Expertise

Both BlueMatch and Redfin agents are highly qualified to perform the duties of listing and selling a home. Redfin has over a decade and a half of experience and employs over 2,000 people. BlueMatch is rapidly growing and currently listing or selling a home every 12 hours. Currently, the average Redfin agent performs roughly 32 transactions per year. The average BlueMatch agent performs roughly 120 transactions a year. Both companies perform well above the industry average of 8 transactions per agent per year.

Both BlueMatch and Redfin agents do enough volume to have the expertise needed to successfully manage a real estate transaction. If you think about it, wouldn’t you want a more experienced professional in all aspects of your life? Would you rather us a lawyer with 200 successful outcomes each year or one with only 15? Would you rather use a surgeon with 1,000 successful surgeries or a new grad? With real estate, it should not be any different.

Redfin vs BlueMatch – Reviews

Redfin and BlueMatch are both loved by their clients. As you can see from the reviews below, both companies have very high remarks.

In this category, we are much more alike than we are different. Speaking from experience, BlueMatch has worked with many Redfin agents and the experience is always great. Like us, they are highly experienced, professional, and provide great service. Having a good reputation within the real estate agent community is crucial to having a smooth transaction. Whichever company or agent you decide to list with, always make sure they have a stellar reputation.

Redfin vs BlueMatch – Overall

When it comes down to it, you are likely to have a great experience with either company you decide to go with. Choosing between Redfin and BlueMatch in my opinion boils down to preference. Just like shopping online and shopping in a mall, each of us have a preference. If you like convenience, ease, and speed, BlueMatch is a great option. If you need more hand holding, like the personal touch, and want to physically meet with a person, Redfin is perfect.

As the ecosystem of real estate continues to evolve, companies like Redfin and BlueMatch will continue to offer great alternatives to traditional agents. Technology is making the world more efficient and much smaller day by day. As we all start to build better technology, we will be able to deliver a better experience at a better cost over time. The good news is consumers now have more choices than ever to sell their homes.



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