For Sale By Owner Denver: Avoid Contracts, Commission, and Stress!

You’ve found a for sale by owner Denver website. All you can think about is how beneficial this can be to you. You want to sell your home, but you don’t want to use a real estate agent directly. You want to keep costs down and try to make money from your home. It’s a rough market, after all! But, before you list your home on this type of website, take a closer look at exactly what is going to happen when you do.


You Don’t Have to Pay a Commission – But You Don’t Get Help

One of the reasons many homeowners avoid using for sale by owner Denver or other location websites is because they don’t know how to sell. It’s true – unless you went to school to be an agent, you don’t know the ins-and-outs of selling. When selling a home, there are plenty other tasks other than simply listing your home and waiting for potential buyers to call.

When you use this type of website to sell your home, you don’t get any of the following benefits:

  • There’s no help in pricing your home. You have to guess based on what you think it is worth.
  • There’s no MLS listing – which means that the thousands of people buying homes online using real estate agents can’t find your home.
  • There are no high-end services such as professional photography, lockbox services, or staging support. Not to mention marketing services to get your home on the map.
  • You get no help with the legalities of the process including managing contractors and handling the title.
  • You also get no help for negotiating with a buyer. You are on your own to haggle over the details, which can make or break a potential sale.


Quite frankly, it is a big risk using a for sale by owner Denver website to sell your home if you don’t have any experience in the market.


BlueMatch Offers a Better Compromise

What if you could pay a flat fee – gain access to every one of these key benefits and services – and not have to pay a realtor commission on your sale? It’s an opportunity for you to gain the flexibility and cost savings of selling on your own while still having access to the services and professional care you need through the process.

BlueMatch is a powerful tool that is available to you in Denver and other locations throughout the nation. Instead of selling without any help, pay for just the help you need. When you do, you’ll save money, sell your home at top value, and find yourself far more satisfied and legally secure than you thought possible.

We can ease the process of selling your home while still putting money into your pocket. Contact us today to set up a consultation for your home.

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