I Want to Sell My House Myself: 15 Top Tips for Selling Your Dallas Home

sell my house myself

Approximately 50% of the over one million housing units in Dallas, TX are owner-occupied.

If you’re part of that 50% and you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house myself,” there are a few things you should know before you put your house on the market.

Hiring a realtor means that a lot of the details are taken care of, but it also means that you have to give up a substantial percentage of your profit.

Read on to learn more about how to sell your Dallas home without the help of a realtor.

1. Determine Your House’s Value

You don’t have to sell your house for the same price you bought it for, especially if a long amount of time has passed. Do a bit of research to find out how much the houses in your area are selling for. The median price of a home in Dallas has increased from $229,000 to $285,000 in the past five years alone!

2. Hire a Home Inspector

Hiring a home inspector can also help you in determining your house’s value. You may not realize that your pipes are decaying or your electricity is outdated if it still seems to function.

If everything is in good shape, then you don’t need to adjust your asking price in relation to the amount of work your buyer will have to do after closing the sale. Alternatively, if there are some necessary repairs, you can either fit them into your own budget or lower your asking price and go the route of selling your home “as is.”

3. Figure Out Your Dimensions

Square footage makes a big difference to your asking price but it also helps potential buyers better visualize your space. If possible, go beyond providing the overall square footage of the house and provide the measurements of each room.

The more information you can provide in your listing, the more professional the listing will appear. Potential buyers will feel more confident about working with you if they feel that you can answer all of their questions (or provide the answers before they even have to ask)!

4. Declutter

A major part of prepping for your listing is making your house viewer-ready. We’re all guilty of letting things get a little cluttered, but your potential buyers don’t want to see all of your abandoned junk mail or years-old holiday cards. Do a sweep of your house to get rid of (or strategically hide) any clutter.

Ultimately, you want your potential buyers to see your house as a place where they will live their best lives. Seeing a clean space will help them to imagine a future in this house where they stay on top of their cleaning!

5. Depersonalize

If you’ve ever taken a tour of a model home, you’ve probably noticed that the decor is both neutral and impersonal. This isn’t just because nobody lives there!

People in real estate know that potential buyers want to envision their own belongings in a house before buying it. In other words, they want the opportunity to mentally make the space their own. Neutral tones and depersonalized decor is the way to go to allow them this opportunity!

6. Let in the Light

How many times have you watched HGTV and watched real estate pros ooh and aah over natural light? It seems to have become one of the most valuable assets in real estate, and this is something every home seller should take advantage of. Take down those curtains, buff those windows, and let in that natural Dallas light!

7. Perform Necessary Updates

Even if you decide that it’s not worth it to tackle major renovations, there are lower cost updates you can perform that are worth considering. Small appliances, cabinet doors, and even door and cabinet knobs are all fairly inexpensive to replace and can take your home from outdated to modern in a matter of minutes.

Pulling up old carpeting to reveal clean wood floors and repainting dark or unnatural-colored walls are also great ways to update your home and bring it into the new decade! Think simple, natural, and sleek.

8. Stage Your Space

You want to show potential buyers that every dollar spent on your house is worth it. The best way to do that is to maximize the space and show the possibilities each room possesses!

Even if you’ve always used that spare bedroom or oversized closet to store a ton of junk (and, as a result, always kept the door closed), clean it out and reconsider its function. Small rooms can become libraries, offices, or sitting rooms. With extra shelving or drawers, even small closets can become ten times as useful.

Get creative and don’t be afraid to spread out your own furniture and pieces. You don’t need to buy all new furniture to stage previously abandoned rooms. Do a little redistribution of what you already own!

9. Think Curb Appeal

When you look at a listing, you’ll often see a shot of the outside of the house before you see photos of the interior. Likewise, your in-person potential buyers are going to see the front lawn and front exterior before they’ve even parked their car to come inside.

In business, people often discuss the 7-second rule. That means that you have 7 seconds to form a first impression on a new customer, and those 7 seconds will determine whether or not they want to work with you or buy your product. When you’re selling your house yourself, your house is your business and your curb appeal is your first impression, so you better make it count!

Make sure you’re lawn and garden are maintained. If you don’t have much going on in the shrub and plant department, invest in a few potted plants to brighten up the walkway. If your mailbox, front door, or shutters are looking shabby, give them a new coat of paint.

10. Take Top-Notch Photos

Nobody likes a blurry photo! If you don’t have a camera that can capture high definition pictures or you know you don’t have the eye for photography, you may want to use some of the money your saving by not using a realtor to hire a photographer.

Take your pictures at a time of day when the natural light isn’t harsh or blinding but is still bright enough to illuminate the room on its own. If possible, avoid using unnatural lighting in your photos altogether, as this can cast an unpleasant yellowish glow that does nothing to flatter your home.

Aim for at least one picture per room. For larger spaces like living rooms or master bedrooms, you may want to get one or two to capture different angles. Don’t bore potential buyers with hundreds of photos, but don’t leave them with questions by posting only one or two.

11. Create a Home Tour Video

Home tour videos are a great way to cater to potential buyers that won’t have time to make a trip to Dallas to see your home in person. This opens up your market to buyers that are currently live out of the state or out of the country.

Don’t think home video. Think home tour video. Smoothly transition from room to room and keep the camera even and steady when you turn or pan to show the room from all angles.

In most professional home tour videos, you won’t hear the homeowner or realtor talking to explain what each room is. Instead, try to add captions during post-production that will do the talking for you.

12. Think About Local Dallas Attractions

One of the deciding factors that potential buyers consider when choosing between multiple listings is the property’s surrounding attractions and conveniences. Think about everything Dallas has to offer for fun and sight-seeing and determine how close your property is to these things. For example, if you’re a five-minute car ride from the Dallas Museum of Art or the Cowboys Stadium, that should be a huge selling point on your listing.

Additionally, you need to think about conveniences. How many grocery stores are nearby? Are any of them within walking distance or just off the bus line? What about schools and libraries?

Of course, potential buyers could look this information up on their own, but they shouldn’t have to. Tell them exactly what kind of perks they can expect if they purchase your house.

13. Make Sure You’re Flexible

As your own realtor, you’re going to need to be able to answer the phone when potential buyers call, show them the house when they’re available, and possibly even host open houses of your own. This can be difficult if you’re a fulltime worker or have kids or family members to take care of throughout the day.

Make arrangments that help you keep your schedule open. Ask for a more lenient schedule or the chance to work from home while you sell your house. Enlist the help of neighbors, friends, and family to help with the kids.

We know it’s hard to create more time in your schedule, but the more you do, the faster your house will sell and you can resume life as normal!

14. Get Ready to Negotiate

Don’t expect that all potential buyers will happily pay your asking price without question, especially if they’re working with buyers agents. People always want to negotiate for a better deal, whether they’re asking you to sell for less or pay for more of the renovations than you intended.

There may come a point where it’s in your best interest to take a little bit less than your asking price, but don’t give up too much of your potential profit. If the first potential buyer comes on the scene negotiating for a way lower price, don’t sweat it. In fact, you may want to go into this process with a minimum in mind that will protect you from any major financial loss.

Don’t forget that in the end, you’ll have to draw up a contract that protects both you and the buyer.

15. Use a Multiple Listing Service to Spread the Word

Don’t try to sell your house on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Use a Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) to make sure that your listing is viewed by thousands of serious buyers.

At Blue Match, we charge one flat fee to post your listings on the top real estate sites in the country. And not only that but this fee will cover tons of the benefits you’d receive from hiring a real estate agent at a fraction of the cost.

Blue Match does everything from pricing your home to managing your contract. We’re with you from start to close, and can even help you show your house. Our real estate experts are available 7 days a week to ensure that your needs are met and your questions are answered!

Make the Thought “I Want to Sell My House Myself” a Reality

If you moved into your Dallas home thinking, “Someday, I want to sell my house myself,” get ready to make that dream come true! With Blue Match, you get the satisfaction of saving money and taking care of business yourself without the stress of figuring out every little detail on your own.

Take a look at some of our current listings to get a sense of the homes we have the pleasure of working with. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see the same house twice–we work fast!

If you have questions about our services or want to know more about the home selling process, contact us today. We’re happy to help!

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